Culture and Values

Our Culture

Our corporate culture is built on the following approaches to leadership, customers, transparency, and sustainability.

  • Leadership

    SDG strongly believes that leadership is not a title that is granted to an individual, but rather, defined by actions. Being a leader involves leading by example and taking on responsibilities that will assist in the betterment of the whole.

  • Customers

    We have a strong customer-centric structure and approach. We encourage our clients to give their input and work consistently towards helping them maximize value, boost profitability, and gain a competitive edge. Their goals are our goals, and their success is our success.

  • Transparency

    At SDG, we promote an open and honest exchange of information. We focus on operating in a completely transparent manner to ensure success for our customers and our company. We also encourage new ideas and feedback sharing to strengthen our abilities.

  • Sustainability

    A sustainable business is one that survives any hardships as its well-connected to healthy social, economic and environmental systems. Such businesses create value not just for their clients, but also the communities they affect. That’s why sustainability is so important to SDG.

Our values

The backbone of Sourcedesk Global is its core values of:



We strive to ensure quality embodies everything we do, from our deliverables to our interactions with clients and each other. We aim for excellence and constantly aspire to improve ourselves.



By always following ethical business practices, a business always ensures its integrity even in the most difficult situations. This is something we constantly practice and always expect from employees.



SDG has several obligations--to its employees, to the community, to the environment, and above all to its clients. By adhering to our values and goals, we fulfill those obligations.



Our workplace is a melting pot of minds where unique and innovative ideas are conceptualized, developed, and implemented. The creative work environment this fosters is the birthplace of the unique and innovative approaches we provide our clients.



Only by having all of its composite parts working together in harmony can a system operate efficiently. That is the reason the entire SDG team works towards singular goals with clear objectives, despite everyone involved having diverse backgrounds.